Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet Roxy!

She is the newest member of our family!!   I am so stinking excited about her!! I got her yesterday ( tues june 6th) I got her from a really nice guy that was giving her away on Craigslist. He, unfortunately is unable to care for her so he started looking for a new home! I have wanted another pup for a while now. I wanted my First doggie Zoey to have a playmate and I also wanted to get a purebred German Shepherd but they are a little out of my price range. But, FREE is ALWAYS in my price range! LOL

Roxy is 6 months old and she is CKC certified! Talk about SCORE!!  

She has made everyone in our family ( including Zoey ) VERY VERY happy!  Zoey LOVES her to pieces!!!

Welcome Roxy!  We love you already!!


  1. She's beautiful! I'm so glad Zoey took to her, too! What a great pair of pups you have!

  2. Wow you were lucky.....Lovely dog. Zoey and Roxy look pretty good together:)

  3. Beautiful dogs! I had a long hair German Shepard when I was young name Roxy! Now I have a black lab named Zoey. That's to funny! I need to get her a playmate soon! I'm trying to talk o my guy about another one soon.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
    I wanted a Cricut machine at first but then I found out that you dont need a cartridges with the Silhouette.

  4. Awesome that she found a new loving home and that Zoey and her get along well too! Really happy for you guys! :-D