Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Mothers fear!

It is sad that is todays world you have to be filled with fear just by sending your children to school!
I am sure some of you, if not all have heard about the teacher arrested for giving her students Chloroform. Well, come to find out now she was making explosives in her classroom!!!  WTF????  Why?

Oh, did I mention.... THIS IS THE SCHOOL MY SON ATTENDS!!!!!!!

Lets just say I am very very very very UPSET!

Here is the link if you don't know what I am talking about.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

good 'ol times

Did you ever ride around in the back of a pick~up when you were a kid? I did!!!  When I was younger ( and before all the rules and laws) this was the thing to do!! What a blast! Most kids today don't know about good wholesome fun! Well my husband brought home this little pick~up over the weekend to dismantle it so it can be sold. It was used as a pest control truck so he had to take all the "stuff" out of it. Well after that was all said and done.....well we took it for a little joy ride. As you know we live in the middle of an almond orchard soooo...... My daughter and I , plus Zoey our doggy rode in the back, with my son and hubby in the cab. We just drove around the property at a casual speed enjoying the cool evening air! Man, did that bring back some memories. My daughter has never ridden in the back of a pick up like that and she was just beside herself! She LOVED it. She is my adventurous one.
When we got back to the house my daughter was begging to go again!! LOL  I told her seeeee..... I told you it was fun! Now you know why we did it all the time "back in the day"!

My son is so silly!
<3 him!

Eating healthier.....

When are you most hungry through out the day? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

For me it is Breakfast!!!  I wake up starving! If I have some coffee than I am usually ok, but sometimes I am just down right HUNGRY! I have a bad habit of grabbing the "easy" things , which are usually bad for me........but I am really trying to change my bad habits. Lately, I have been eating a lot of fruit for breakfast. I feel really good after eating it too. mmmm.... The sweet flavors linger for a while and it really sets a good tone for the rest of the day. I know, I know I need to be careful when eating fruit..... Toooo much can be bad, with all the sugars but it has to be better than a pastry? Right?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Last day of science camp!

Friday the 13th ( hehehe) was calm day. We got up in the morning and had breakfast and right away started packing up. We got it all done pretty quickly. I was a nice day and so we headed to the beach for some   R& R  before driving 4 hours home. It was a quick trip just 20 min down the road. As soon as we got there and stepped out of the car I quickly became un~excited about being there. IT WAS COLD AND WINDY!!
So I grabbed a blanket....ok 4 blankets from the car and headed down to the water..... This was not going to be fun.....
My daughters teacher however was very atomistic and said....oh this will be great!!! You will see.....
I think he had lost his flipping mind!
Low and behold, there was a little pocket just around the cliff that sat on the beach that blocked all the wind! It was SOOO WARM!! And there wasn't any wind! NONE! I could not believe it. It actually got a little to warm. But let me tell you as soon and you walked around the side of the cliff..... You were almost knocked over by the wind.
We stayed there a couple of hours and then headed home. It was a great way to end the week! I feel very blessed that I got to experience this week with my daughter. It was almost like my experience too..... I never went to science camp. They don't have it back home where I am from.

Here are some pics!

Did I mention there were raccoons? Not 1 or 2 BUT 15-20!!! Mean, loud raccoons!
And my tent was right next to the hole where they came out of!!! AHHHHHHH
My daughters tent was right next to mine and they would fight right between the 2 and bounce off the tents!!
Not the highlight of my trip! LOL

Isn't this neat? My poor son was so sun burnt and as soon as we got to the beach he built this little hut to keep out of the sun! Of course he had to share! :)

After a great and eventful week it sure is good to go home!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

8 mile hike!! LOTS OF PICS!!

Man oh man was I soooo tired and sore after this little adventure. I had so much fun though. I think this is something I am going to do often. My son and I lead the pack and took off first before all the other kids. It was really nice to have that one on one time with him. Then when the other kids caught up, my son and some of the boys went ahead of me. I had a chance to trek along by myself and ooh how wonderful it was to be alone in the woods enjoying peace and quiet! It was nice to just take a deep breath!
Here are SOME of the pics I took along the way. I took soooo many but these are some of my fav's. Plus most of the other ones are of the kids . I love nature and I love taking pics of it.


The views that peeked through the trees were just amazing!

Breath taking coast line!

Thatta way!!

Isn't is tradition to kiss a banana slug @ 6th grade science camp? lol

We seen some really big ones...... ewwww....

Looking up at the trees made me dizzy! 

Getting closer to the water!

I just love to gaze out into the sea...... Very calming!

I love taking pics of flowers.....

A bridge that was in the middle of no where!

I have a love of horses too and seen these ones and of course I had to snap a pic! hehehe

Finally reached it!! aahhh the sand was soo warm!

My daughter and her best friend..... Wonder what they are chatting about.....

My son found this crab! It was hollowed out... But it still had some of its eyes left....
Kinda cool but creepy at the same time!

This was a very long day! The kids and I loved it and will be heading out to do this again real soon!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gear Up!!

We went kayaking!!!  I have never done this before and I have to say I was super nervous. The kids were really excited and couldn't wait. Oh to be a kid again and be fearless. We had to listen to all the safety instructions and get all geared up before we actually went on the water. That alone was about 45 min. Once we got out on the water and "figured" it out.....WOW super fun!!!  I think if I lived closer to the water I would pick this up as a new hobby. It was really windy that day so we didn't stay out long. WE had a few in our group that just couldn't get the hang of it and kept drifting a lot.
All in all it was really fun.... I told hubby we need to go back and try this as a family.

Here are some pics!

YOGA? On surf boards? I would fall in! LOL