Thursday, May 19, 2011

8 mile hike!! LOTS OF PICS!!

Man oh man was I soooo tired and sore after this little adventure. I had so much fun though. I think this is something I am going to do often. My son and I lead the pack and took off first before all the other kids. It was really nice to have that one on one time with him. Then when the other kids caught up, my son and some of the boys went ahead of me. I had a chance to trek along by myself and ooh how wonderful it was to be alone in the woods enjoying peace and quiet! It was nice to just take a deep breath!
Here are SOME of the pics I took along the way. I took soooo many but these are some of my fav's. Plus most of the other ones are of the kids . I love nature and I love taking pics of it.


The views that peeked through the trees were just amazing!

Breath taking coast line!

Thatta way!!

Isn't is tradition to kiss a banana slug @ 6th grade science camp? lol

We seen some really big ones...... ewwww....

Looking up at the trees made me dizzy! 

Getting closer to the water!

I just love to gaze out into the sea...... Very calming!

I love taking pics of flowers.....

A bridge that was in the middle of no where!

I have a love of horses too and seen these ones and of course I had to snap a pic! hehehe

Finally reached it!! aahhh the sand was soo warm!

My daughter and her best friend..... Wonder what they are chatting about.....

My son found this crab! It was hollowed out... But it still had some of its eyes left....
Kinda cool but creepy at the same time!

This was a very long day! The kids and I loved it and will be heading out to do this again real soon!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Lovely pictures...beautiful place. I love the ocean:).....but, keep the slug...eeeek.