Tuesday, May 24, 2011

good 'ol times

Did you ever ride around in the back of a pick~up when you were a kid? I did!!!  When I was younger ( and before all the rules and laws) this was the thing to do!! What a blast! Most kids today don't know about good wholesome fun! Well my husband brought home this little pick~up over the weekend to dismantle it so it can be sold. It was used as a pest control truck so he had to take all the "stuff" out of it. Well after that was all said and done.....well we took it for a little joy ride. As you know we live in the middle of an almond orchard soooo...... My daughter and I , plus Zoey our doggy rode in the back, with my son and hubby in the cab. We just drove around the property at a casual speed enjoying the cool evening air! Man, did that bring back some memories. My daughter has never ridden in the back of a pick up like that and she was just beside herself! She LOVED it. She is my adventurous one.
When we got back to the house my daughter was begging to go again!! LOL  I told her seeeee..... I told you it was fun! Now you know why we did it all the time "back in the day"!

My son is so silly!
<3 him!

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